Many people in the UK have recently suffered flood damage to their homes and properties, you may be one of them and while your home was being repairs you may have opted for temporary accommodation such as a sited or static caravan.

But what do you do with an unwanted static caravan once your home has been repaired and the damage reversed.

Static caravans can provide a fantastic alternative to temporary accommodation, not only do families get to stay together in one location but they also live in a relatively comfortable environment.

Static caravans are much like normal brick and mortar homes and they have all of the amenities of a regular home, however they have one unique characteristic. Static caravans can be moved from location to location thus giving them the unique ability to be sold on relatively easily.

It is becoming increasingly popular to own a static caravan and although you may not need yours any more since your home has been repaired other people may want to purchase your unwanted static caravan for cash.

The difficulty people find is identifying to who and where they can sell their static caravan to. Most commonly the difficulty lies in getting the best price, usually in the motor trade the seller often list his or her unwanted motor vehicle on directories or local newspapers and publishings where potential buyers can get in contact.

However the process is slightly different when selling a static caravan. Static caravans or cited homes have unique properties such as those of real estate.

Usually real estate is sold through either a real estate firm or property surveying service.

In the case of static caravans sellers can benefit from contacting qualified and experienced static caravan buyers or dealers. Static caravan buyers will often provide free evaluations to the value of your static caravan.

Unlike motor vehicles static caravans hold their value in their location as well as their condition, and a static caravan trader or dealer can effectively evaluate the value based on these two factors.

Furthermore, finding an effective static caravan trader allows you the option to gain free and independent quotations, which can be used effectively to evaluate the value of your static caravan. Thankfully most static caravan traders will offer a fair price for your static caravan and can also help with the transportation and paperwork if you decide to sell.