It’s a common misconception that caravanning cannot be luxurious. Many static caravan owners will know that they’re holidaying requirements can be catered for through the purchase of a static caravan.

Today static caravans come complete with cookers, running water, gas and electricity as standard and are paving the way for the British holiday market. Caravanning can be a cheaper holiday alternative than travelling abroad and more and more UK holidaymakers are opting for a static caravan holiday. Static caravans can offer all of the luxuries of a real brick and mortar home and can come complete with multiple bedrooms kitchens and bathrooms.

Although the initial purchase price on the static caravan can be high, holidaymakers can be sure that their investment will last a lifetime and that when they want to sell their static caravan; they can, because static caravans hold their value. Unlike touring caravans and other motor vehicles static caravans retained their value in a similar way to that of real estate. There are however differences in selling your static caravan to those of selling an ordinary motor vehicle.

Usually when an individual wants to sell his or her motor-vehicle they will simply placing an ad on either a local publishing or the Internet, this usually will yield a great return and often a lot of interest, however because static caravans ore more like real estate in that the process of selling the static caravan is somewhat different and can be complicated. However the complication of selling a static caravan can be removed by the use of a static caravan trader or static caravan buyer. There are many different types of static caravan traders and static caravan buyers in the UK. Most good traders can offer free valuations along with transportation and paperwork processing services, when selling your static caravan is beneficial to use such a service to help you get the best price for your investment and the ease the efforts on your part. Organisations such as UK caravans direct can offer this service.

UK caravans direct is the U.K.’s premier static caravan buying service and offer free valuations, collection, and will even liaise with your static caravan park to assist in the sale of your static caravan. As a potential seller of a static caravan it is worth contacting such an organisation to help with the sale of your caravan. Often static caravan buyers/traders will offer a cash settlement for your caravan same day and you could walk away with a worthwhile settlement.