Whether to live on-site or not during a house renovation or self-build is a personal choice. However, there are many advantages to living on-site that we will cover today. One of the difficulties of being on site is the mess and noise throughout your house, but we have a solution to that very problem at the end of this blog post. Keep reading to find out more.
Back into the benefits of living on-site during a house renovation or self-build. Here are 5 compelling reasons:


Home security can be very difficult to achieve when renovations are underway: builders have a tendency to leave doors and windows open and may even create gaping holes in your walls, depending on the nature of the work you are having carried out.
Did you know that there is a 25% increase in burglaries over the winter months? Living on-site means you are your own 24/7 security, there to ensure the safe keeping of your property and any belongings kept there overnight.

Keep an eye on the progress

Living on-site brings the benefits of keeping track of how the project is going, where trades are up to and making decisions on any changes or adjustments.

Taking deliveries out of hours

Rather than having to reschedule awkward delivery times or having to go and collect a package, living on-site means you can take delivery of items at whichever time of day or evening they happen to be scheduled for.

Save on travelling time

Think of all those hours and fuel costs you save by living on-site. No more travelling to and from the site to answer your builders’ questions or to take delivery.

Lower accommodation costs

Rent can be expensive in our current climate. As an alternative, here at UK Caravans Direct, we recommend buying a static caravan to live on-site. This negates having to live amongst the dust and noise that inevitably comes with a house renovation or self-build. We conveniently offer a buy-back service. This means that if you buy one of our static caravans, we will buy it back at the end of your renovation or self-build project *.
Do you still need to be convinced? Many others have lived in comfort or even luxury using a static caravan on-site during their self-build or house renovation. Take a look at some inspiration right here on instagram:
Here at UK Caravans Direct, we have 20 years of experience in delivering hand-picked caravans to suit various budgets. We transport our mobile homes ourselves, meaning that all paperwork and transport processes are completed in-house thereby reducing cost and speeding up delivery.
Call or text 0843 886 9885 or 07813 467820. We are always happy to answer queries with no obligation.
*The buy-back offer is subject to terms and conditions. Contact us on 0843 866 9885 for more information.