So you’ve had your fun with your static caravan and now it’s time to unlock the capital that is available in your investment. What you may not know is that your static caravan will still hold much of its investment you can tell your static caravan to unlock this investment for a cash payment

UK caravans direct is the U.K.’s premier static caravan buying service and not only will they value your static caravan but they can also offer the transport and logistics to move your static caravan from its current location and take the stress of transportation off of your hands.

Static caravans or non-permanent holiday homes or can be used as temporary residential homes. Because of their temporary nature static caravans can easily be uplifted and put onto the back of a trailer.

As part of UK caravan directs standard service they can offer to take your caravan and arrange all the necessary paperwork for its safe removal from the caravan park on which it is already situated.

Depending on the age of your caravan the value locked within will differ, UK caravan direct specialise in the evaluation of static caravans and can offer a reasonable price for your unwanted static caravan.

Some of the things to consider when selling your static caravan to get the best price are the following:

  • Ensure that the Windows or clean
  • Ensure that the guttering is free from any debris or blockages
  • Ensure that the piping such as mains gas or electricity have been well maintained
  • Ensure that the fixtures and fittings within the caravan have been well looked after and clean from any dirt or grime
  • Ensure that the carpeting all flooring within the caravan have been cleaned and well looked after

UK caravans direct offers a nationwide service, meaning you can sell your caravan regardless of where it may be or what you’re geographical location is.

Following these tips will ensure that your valuation is the highest it could possibly be and that the capital locked within your caravan will be the maximised when it comes to selling.