Owning a static caravan opens you up to a world of opportunities, including having your own personal rural escape from everyday life. Whilst you can’t put a price on the flexibility of being able to visit your static caravan whenever you so wish, without the hassle of booking transport and accommodation, you can’t be blamed for considering the potential return of such a big investment. Which begs the question, do static caravans hold their value?

In short, the answer is no. Static Caravans do not hold their value. Purchasing a static caravan is not a financial investment, like purchasing a brick and mortar holiday home, but a lifestyle investment, like purchasing a car. You’re investing in what you’re going to get out of it whilst using it, rather than any return when you come to sell.

Are static caravans a good investment?

Whether purchasing a static caravan is a good investment or not, depends entirely on what you wish to get out of it. If you’re looking for a home away from home where you can escape daily life whenever you want, enjoy the great British outdoors and create lifelong memories, then purchasing a static caravan is a good investment for you. However, if you’re purchasing a static caravan in the hopes of reselling for profit, we would suggest investing your money elsewhere, as static caravans depreciate in value at an average rate of around 15% per year.

What are the costs of investing in a static caravan?

Whilst static caravans are often cheaper than brick and mortar holiday homes, a brand new one could set you back up to £100,000. After your initial purchase, you will also be
responsible for multiple yearly expenses, including site fees, rates, utilities and insurance. However, you may be able to subsidise these payments by subletting your caravan when you’re not using it. Just be sure to double-check your site allows this.

What are the benefits of investing in a static caravan?

Although there are many costs associated with owning a static caravan, you can’t put a price on the enjoyment and flexibility that comes with it. Ready and waiting for you whenever you wish to visit, owning a static caravan allows you to enjoy multiple getaways throughout the year without the usual hassle of booking a holiday.

How much do static caravans depreciate?

Static caravans depreciate faster the newer they are. If you’re planning on purchasing a brand new one, you can wave goodbye to a chunk of its original value as soon as you’ve
picked up the keys. The value will continue to depreciate on a downward trajectory until it eventually plateaus and your caravan is classed as old. Unfortunately, there is no way of bypassing this depreciation, but the better you look after your caravan and keep it to its original state, the more likely you are to sell it for a reasonable price when the time comes.

How do I value my static caravan?

If you’re considering selling your static caravan, there are a few factors that will help you determine it’s worth. The make, model and berth are the first point of reference when it comes to the valuation, closely followed by age and condition. Whether your caravan is sited or not will also be a determining factor in what you can ask for, as the location and facilities of the site will add to its value.

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